Stuck in A Rut in the T&T Life Cycle | Journal
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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Stuck in A Rut in the T&T Life Cycle | Journal

Stuck in A Rut in the T&T Life Cycle

Back to a long non-posting rut as I sometimes have here on T&T…Its hard to stay in the groove of blogging every day, especially when you are running multiple blogs.  I don’t even have a whole lot of time for this post seeing as its 4 minutes past midnight, and I need to head to bed as I’m leaving for Hollywood in the morning.

My friend Laura has been in town from Australia for the past 2 weeks, and we have been super busy doing just about everything there is to do in SoCal.  I took this week off work, and we have headed to Havasu, Sea World, Padres Game, Downtown, The Zoo, and tomorrow -Hollywood / LA.  Its been awesome, as I haven’t even done any of the tourist stuff and I have lived in SD for over 4 years now.  My parents came down on monday, and they have been hanging out doing stuff with us too, so Its been a super busy, hectic, and totally awesome week!

I will have tons of pictures and updates about her entire trip in an upcoming post, not to mention all the insanely cool stuff I have in store for WBSD, along with some new web design jobs I have coming up, Awesome plans for a river trip with Dani for the 4th, and a million other things that make up the way-too-busy but extremely awesome life of Ian.  Stay Tuned!

Stuck in A Rut in the T&T Life Cycle | Journal

Run XBMC From a Thumb Drive

This is more a link so I remember to try this.  But we run XMBC on our old xbox at home and use it to play movies, music, everything over the network off all of our computers.  Lifehacker has put together a  pretty thorough article on how to run it off a thumb drive, and I definitely want to try it out:


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