TGIF - Scooby Doo Held Hostage , A missing Coffee Mug, A Helicopter, and a Bonsai Tree for Ransom |
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Monthly Archives: February 2008

TGIF - Scooby Doo Held Hostage , A missing Coffee Mug, A Helicopter, and a Bonsai Tree for Ransom |

TGIF – Scooby Doo Held Hostage , A missing Coffee Mug, A Helicopter, and a Bonsai Tree for Ransom

What a friday this has been, and its only 11:30am!  I came in to work this morning to see that my favorite Scooby Doo sticker that has been stuck in the upper left corner of one of my monitors for a year, is missing.  I found it odd that this disappearance of Scooby had thrown off the feng shui of my desk, which has seriously decreased productivity this morning.  Anyway, shortly after arriving I receive and email in my inbox, with a suspicious .jpg attachment.  With apprehension, I open it to find this:


I have mixed emotions running through my mind at this point.  I’m scared.  Scared for the well being of scooby, scared because I haven’t worked without him in so long.  I’m also mad.  Someone has perpetrated a crime against me, and they must pay!  Not to mention – what damage would those staple pullers do in regard to the structural integrity of my Scooby sticker?!  He may never stick right again!

As the drama unfolds and the morning progresses, I receive another anonymous email, containing the following text:


Times up, I didn’t want to play hard ball…but I will. I need the owl, Dwight, and a six pack of beer. Or the tree gets snapped!


By this time I have somewhat figured out what is going on here.  My roomate works on the floor below me in the sales department, along with another good friend.  He keeps a bonsai tree on his desk.  Another good friend sits in the cubicle next to him, and he has a disgusting brown antique coffee mug with owls on it that he religiously drinks coffee from every morning.  A couple months ago, I took his coffee mug and held it for ransom.  Unbeknownst to each other, they both showed up this morning, and stole each others posessions.  Cam has the mug, and Jason has the tree, and they both think that I am behind this whole thing!  I am like the fugitive – blamed for a crime i did not commit!

But I can’t let this progress without getting involved.  I visit the sales floor to do some damage control.  I tell each of them that the other person stole their belonging, meanwhile as they are openly accusing each other of betrayal – I snagged Cam’s toy helicopter from his desk.  The perfect crime!

I send Cam the following email with attached picture:

Cam – Looks like your flight plans have been canceled!  ZING!


Now, we are stuck in a rut.  No one trusts each other.  Everyone has lost something today.  No one knows where their own shit is.  There is open hostility on the sales floor.  I have retreated to my office to play with Cam’s helicopter.  I feel like this copter is way better than Scooby Doo.  i am content.  HAPPY FRIDAY!

TGIF - Scooby Doo Held Hostage , A missing Coffee Mug, A Helicopter, and a Bonsai Tree for Ransom |

New Toy – ’67 Ford F250!

Evan and I picked this bad boy up for $900!  The lady was asking $2500, but apparently her husband had been deployed (marines) and she was moving off base and had to have it sold.  She was desperate to get it sold, so we jumped on it.  It may not look too pretty…but there are reciepts for over $10k into this truck on a complete engine and trans rebuild.  Plus the interior is in great shape, now we are just looking around for someone to paint it.  Or we were talking about sanding it down and primering it ourselves, and maybe doing some blue scallops – rat rod style.  Who knows.  The main reason this thing is badass is the engine.  Ford 352 with about 20k miles on the rebuild. 

  • Beefed up cam
  • Edelbrock Manifold
  • Edelbrock 4bbl Carb
  • Thorley headers
  • straight dual exhaust dumped to flowmaster 40’s under the bed

its so god damn loud you can’t even talk while you are driving!  I’m so stoked to have another car to tool around on after selling the ’59.  Check out the pics – shes not too pretty now, but give me a couple months and you won’t believe it.


TGIF - Scooby Doo Held Hostage , A missing Coffee Mug, A Helicopter, and a Bonsai Tree for Ransom |

Who Remembers Mechwarrior

I don’t too many people who grew up as obsessed with the Mechwarrior games, Battletech universe, and FASA board games, but thanks to my cousin Steve, my brother and I sure did.  I have been wanting to recount the awesome Mech memories I have for quite some time now…so on that note:

Mechwarrior 2

Who remembers possibly the most awesome intro video to any game.  It took my breath away.  I was so stoked to get my ass inside a Mech and start laying waste to the Wolf Clan. 

I remember the first time I saw it – on a friends computer, I went straight home and begged my dad to upgrade our system so we could play this game.  I had played Mechwarrior 1 so many times, that these graphics literally blew me away.

Mechwarrior 1

This is what got me hooked.  Customizing a mech, jump jets, insane loadouts…remember the fucking Battlemaster!  The biggest, most badass death-dealing machine I had ever seen, even in poor VGA graphics.  Everyone started running a Pheonix Hawk, or a quick but lightly armored Jenner.

mw1boxmw1phoenixhawk mw1title

God this game changed my life by its sheer awesomeness.  I have even loaded it up on DOSBox a few times just to lay some waste.

Battletech – Crescent Hawks Revenge and Inception

These two gave me a taste of some role playing in the Battletech universe.  I was Jason Youngblood – out for revenge in the inner sphere.  When Revenge came along, the graphics were so sweet!




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