ZOMGBBQPIZZA and ROFLberry pwncakes

roflcopterhhahaahahaha. This is the funniest thing I have ever heard. I’m not one for chat/1337speek, but this shit is ridiculous. Who can’t help but laugh at this?

The superior being of chatspeak, ‘roflcopter’ out takes down all lollerbladers, lmaoplanes and various other outlawls. Pilots of the roflcopter often enjoy a nice crispy ZOMGBBQPIZZA and some lolmonade. Children also enjoy a good ride in the roflcopter, as it spreads smiles and festivals known as the ‘lolapalooza’ across the world.

Captain Sloloman of the elite omega roflcopter squad enjoyed a fresh ZOMGBBQPIZZA and a cool lolmonade after his swift victory over the lollerbladers, lmaoplanes and outlawls and returning safely to the lolapalooza.

source: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=roflcopter

In addition, roflcopter-35057 a bit of history on the ROFLCOPTER.

Invented by a Blizzard moderator on the Warcraft III forum. There is always much whining going on on those official forums, much sucking up to moderators and an awful lot of ‘BLUE!!! PLZ REPLY!!!1one’ (Blue = color of moderator posts), so when a mod posts something, you can bet there’ll be thousands of people jumping on it, if only to spam ‘BLUE FIX GARGZ PLZZZZ’ or ‘first reply woooot!’ after it in the vain hope that the mod will read it and react.
So when one invented this new buzzword, it was grabbed and squeezed out and spread like a virus across all of the Blizzard forums and from there over the internet.
The word is derived from a unit in Warcraft III, the gyrocopter (flying machine). Your immediate response when someone masses gyros (to be funny, ruin the game, mess around or whatever) is to rofl for ten straight minutes until the copters of doom and destruction have pinpricked 1 of your 20 farms to death with their uber godly bombs.
Now mostly used in Blizzard circles as a leeter version of rofl.

‘…and this guy said I could reduce lag by up to 100% by hitting alt-F4. I did and the game closed on me. This is griefing, admins plz ban’

Play the game here: http://www.rofl.name/roflcopter/

I (Want To) Feel This Way

From Hatebook today:

I hate how hard it is to concentrate on something because I’m constantly thinking about her. I consciously know that it’s stupid how much time I spend dreaming about her and that her and I are most likely never going to date. I tell myself these things persistently and I continuously remind myself to focus on my work and more important things but it so hard not to be absolutely crazy about her. I made a serious attempted to forget about her and not be distracted but it’s impossible because every time I hear someone say her name or I’m reminded of her in any way my body seems to stop working and I freeze and time stops for a second while every moment I’ve spent with her races through my head. But I can’t really blame her, it’s like telling her I hate her for being beautiful, I hate her for being so wonderful, I hate her for loving so many of the things I love. I guess really I just hate the fact that even if she does like me there’s no way she could spend nearly as much time thinking about me as I do about her. Nov 20 6:14 AM

Work, mySQL, Social Networking, and Robot Ice Cream

Funny how life can be running 90 miles an hour, and suddenly come crashing to a halt.  I have been working myself into the ground lately, both at work and then working on website work after dark.  I’ve got a couple of new sites in the works, and some ideas that could possibly generate a bit of revenue.  I won’t be revealing them right now, however, because the Internet is definitely not a safe place for secrets.


Finally got DBG Concepts site up and running.  It will need some more tweaking on the photo gallery and individual pages, but the basic site is complete, and pretty fucking awesome if you ask me!  I think the guys over at DBG are pretty stoked with it. 

Matt just made a pretty interesting MYSQL  discovery.  Check out this link http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/fulltext-boolean.html for some awesome information on relevance searching.  Apparently its built in to the mysql engine to use any of these criteria for searching information in the database. (Matt swears he has just unlocked the code to googles ranking algorithms…I am on the fence)  The discovery came about while looking for a good way to set up a tagging and searching system for the online media player he is working out.  Should be pretty sweet when (if) released.

logoAnother buddy of mine is working on a myspace-killer site.  It is still in an invite-only beta, so I won’t mention it until he gives me the ok.  For a San Diego based myspace type social networking adventure, check out YouPod.   A good friend of mine created it with his two brothers, and its slowly gaining some recognition.  Built in chat, cool social features like integrating youtube vids, rank photos and music.  I was at a house party with these guys in Point Loma on Friday, and apparently my picture had been posted on the front page for quite a while and people were recognizing me for it.  Good and bad I guess – its like I told my friend Kayla about being good at Guitar Hero – Its a two edged sword.  One of those things that you can work really hard to be good at but it doesn’t really benefit you in any way for excelling at it – in fact it makes it kind of awkward that you wasted that much time and don’t have much to show for it.  Eh, if you are enjoying yourself then I supposed its not really a waste, now is it?  And I always enjoy myself!

Finally, I had a recent conversation with Moto about online dating.  Hey, its the 21st century, so why the fuck not, right?  I mean, I spend 75% of my day on a computer, there’s nothing wrong that, it helps me sustain a pretty damn good lifestyle.  Well, most people I know are on a computer all day long – you obviously are right now if you are reading this.  So, then, what’s the problem with meeting people via this form of communication?  Answer: nothing.  That’s not the point here….

The point was that if you have a paragraph to convince someone that you are interesting and worth their time, how do you fully utilize that?  I maintain that the most important part would be the subject of the message – this is your one line to really sell yourself.  Moto was thinking its good to have something catchy about yourself, or something about the other person..but i thought – why not something so fucking random that they will be totally intrigued and want to talk Freaky_Ice-Cream_1600x1200to you to find out, at the very least, just what the hell you were thinking to type that.  Something so irrelevant that it would keep you up nights if you didn’t respond to it.  My title: Robot Ice Cream!  Ok this is kind of weird, but if someone sent me a message with that title, I would have to know why the hell they would write that.    (btw – this picture just seemed perfect for the image in my head).  So, from now on, whenever writing anyone a message, I will title it Robot Ice Cream.  Even at work.  Its time to spice things up a little bit.

I’m out 🙂

A New Game and Mondays Suck

I signed on Gtalk this morning and had the most random conversation with Greg. My status thing on Gtalk said “Hit me with music”.  Which apparently was interesting to Greg.  Which apparently led to an interesting new game.  I have no idea what happened.

Gregg: bloc party

Ian: ?

Gregg: “hit me with music”

Ian: bob marley

Gregg: ben lee

Ian: bruce lee

Gregg: kimora lee

Ian: pamela anderson lee

Gregg: brady anderson

Ian: adam anderson (thats my roomate)

Gregg: ‘gregg o’connell

thats me

Ian: hahah

good game

Gregg: should we market it?

Ian: yes

we should

although I’m not sure what the rules are

Gregg: haha

So…that was random.  Anyway, I had a pretty good weekend.  Picked up Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.  This is AWESOME!  If you have an Xbox 360, I strongly urlrecommend you pick up this game.  Although it stole too much of my weekend from me…it was well worth it. 

Other than that, did an oil change on the XR400, getting it ready to take for a trip soon.  Was going to go to Ocotillo on Sunday, but it was kind of rainy. 

Friday went to Silver Fox for a hell of an interesting night.  Don’t want to go into detail on that one.

And Sunday, finally got out to do some surfing with Evan and Moto.  It was awesome, really cloudy and foggy and rainy, and the surf was shitty, and the water was freezing, but it was an awesome end to the weekend!

Mondays suck!

DragonForce Rocks so Fucking Hard!

B000089J0R.01.LZZZZZZZ I listen to music all day at work and I can’t get enough of DragonForce.  This band rocks harder than anything ever created.  Dual wailing guitar solos, sweet effex, double bass so fast my ears can barely keep up.  It gets me so pumped up to do database maintenance its all I can do to stay sitting.  Makes me work faster and more efficiently, yelling unwanted advice like “Rock Harder!” at co-workers that walk by and occasionally pumping a fist in the air whilst merging a duplicate customer record, hell I even punched my friend Matt in the face.  Just because. 

Instead of being Ian – Jr. CRM Administrator sitting behind a desk all day hacking away at an ungodly CRM system, I am a Cyber Warrior – clad in bright steel shining armor and riding a cybernetically modified steed across the battleground that is the internet.  Slashing viruses, Creating reports with the greatest of ease, firing away emails without regard for spelling…I stand atop a virtual mountain overlooking my domain – a virtual king in charge of cyber-serfs whose only existance is to do my bidding. 

Now I’m sure you probably read that without listening to Dragonforce, and were like “WTF is he talking about?”.  Now, please click play on the video below and re-read what I wrote above.

There is a guy playing a fucking Keytar!  Are you kidding me?!  This is not shit to be taken lightly.

Please, delve into these lyrics, deeper than a Harry Potter novel.  The only thing that could make this better is if these guys rocked out wearing suits of armor. 

Smashing through the boundaries
Storming through the burning fields
Stand before the evil one
On towards the morning sun
Falling under skies of pain
Soldiers searching endlessly
Crashing over seven seas
Torturing the winter skies
Riding over plains of ice
Shadows in the fields of the slain
Crashing steel and raging fury
Smash the quest, destroy their army
Crush the legions of the twilight
Templars of steel will burn
Cry far away, as we reach for the day
Blasting our way through the punishment and the pain
Reach for the world, as the sky begins to fall
Rising through the darkened ashes praying that I’ll see you all
Far away, will our eyes now see the day
For today, the everlasting eternal sun
Washed away, the dreams of a brighter day
Forever hold the dream inside
The chance to fight another fight
The breaking hearts that stand for all our lives
Live tonight
Watch you die I watch you die inside
While fear controls your life
And reject this animosity that killed so many minds
We feel the power deep within
The fear you hold inside
Just to find the reason for the treason
Now you will be mine
Screams of pain in death descending
Rise again from hell defending
Burn their hearts within the fire
Warriors of light will be slain
Rise through the pain, like the sun will rise again
Day after day but the memories never change
Stand before the storm, as the last horizon falls
Blinded by the vision and the innocence of our souls
Far away, will our eyes now see the day…
Solos: Sam/Herman/Sam/Herman
Far away, will our eyes now see the day
For today the everlasting eternal sun…
Far away will our eyes now see the day…


Now, god damn it, I’m going to work!

Work Consumes My Life, and the End of Beach Parties

I apologized for the lack of posting around here lately, but I have been slammed at work.  ESET just released our new version of NOD32 Antivirus version 3.0, and our new product, ESET Smart Security.  Both of these are awesome products, getting rave reviews, and honestly, software that I would use even if I did not work for the company that makes them.  I mean, if Leo Laporte stands behind a product (we don’t pay him a dime for any advertising references) you know its got to be good!


Anyway, that explains my lack of posting frequency, but I have other things on my mind….

It was just made official – the SD city council has approved a 1 year alcohol ban on San Diego beaches.  WTF.  I never thought this would go through.  All because of the labor day “riot” where 15 people were temporarily detained and they threw the cops out in full force in riot gear.  Give me a break. 

Check out THIS LINK to the Union Tribune article.  I am concerned because I don’t know if this will apply to boats – I doubt it.  Which means that my mobile party center just got a hell of a lot more valuable.  Still, it takes the fun out of anchoring just off the beach and checking out the party going on on the shore.


Look at these bitches!  Do these three women look like a realistic representation of San Diego beachgoers?  These three middle aged bags represented the San Diego public in getting the city council to vote 5-2 on a one year ban to get booze off the beaches.  Do they even take this seriously?  It looks to me like the whole situation was little more than an excuse to screen print a couple shirts, and they probably headed out to their beachside homes after the meeting to enjoy a nice bottle of chardonnay all while talking about the sad state their city is in due to the reckless young adults that THEY ONCE WERE.  It really pisses me off when the older generation does shit like this to keep the younger generation down.  I’m all for compromise, like Jerry Sander’s idea to just ban booze on holidays – that is a great compromise, but no, like the color of this bitches glasses – she was out for blood.

Check out these two links to other articles with some more information:

SF Gate Article

LA Times Article

Lifeguards abandoned their towers and San Diego police donned riot gear to avoid a barrage of beer cans and plastic bottles.

Wow – good thing they donned full fucking RIOT GEAR to avoid a riot?  Oh, no, to avoid beer cans and plastic bottles.  We all know it takes complete riot gear to not get hurt by a bottle.  a PLASTIC bottle.  Which goes to prove another point – no one was breaking any laws by having glass bottles there.  No, they all respected the city ordinance and just drank from aluminum and plastic.  Buts that’s not good enough.

Sometimes, San Diego sucks.