Otay Mountain Ride Tomorrow on the XR400!

I didn’t write about this earlier, but last week I picked up a new dirt bike. I got a ’97 Honda XR400. after doing some research – this is the best dual sport bike you can possibly have. Oh, did I mention it is a street legal plated bike. There was a law that changed around 2005 where you could get a dirt bike plated so you could use it on and off road. You can’t do this anymore, which makes the bikes that got in before the law change worth solid gold. I found it on Craigs List for $1750! Similar ones are going on CL and ebay for over $3000! I picked it up from a guy who took great care of it, and put on about every single aftermarket part they make for it and bored it out to a 430cc. Translation – This thing hauls ass….serious ass.

Anyway, tomorrow we are heading out to Otay Mountain down the 5 to the 905 east. Apparently you can ride trails for miles and get up on the mountain that overlooks the mexico border. There is an old fort up there from WWII that was a lookout for submarines off the coast.

Here is a post on Dual Sport SD from some guys that rode the trails. Will post up some pictures and and a review of the ride tomorrow…wish us luck!


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    That sounds like so much fun!! Consider me seriously jealous.

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    That sounds like so much fun!! Consider me seriously jealous.

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