An Update On the Cat-Cam and T&T In General

A couple days ago I received a comment on an old post about the guy who strapped a camera to his cat and took photos of the adventures. Andreas was kind enough to clear up my confusion as I posted the wrong links to wrong sites. Here is his comment for clarification:

Its been a while since you posted this, but I discovered this link to my page only today. The link to the people who put a live cam at their cats collar is – your second link points to my catcam that only shows a new image every minute.

Two more corrections: The “crazy german bastard” Jürgen lives in the USA (Anderson, SC), so Mr. Lee roams in an american suburb and the live webcam carrying cat Squeaky is filming a neighbourhood somewhere in Los Angeles.

The only webcam and cats really located in germany are mine (thanks for linking, but I’m afraid that some people were a bit disappointed about the missing live coverage on my page).

My fault for posting the wrong links, and thanks to Andreas for providing such great feline entertainment.

On a side note, I have received the worst traffic in the history of Tech and Tonic, based solely on my complete lack of posting new content. My dedication to blogging seems to fluctuate with the things I have going on right now, hence that lack in posting since I am insanely busy. A quick update: I bought a new wakeboard boat and spend 100% of my free time out on mission bay. Check some awesome pix here:

The wakeboard tower is being custom built by DBG Concepts up in Poway and should be installed later this week!

Anyway, stay tuned for the upcoming Part II of Casey’s Santa Barbara Adventure and my renewed interest in keeping this site updated!


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