This is bullshit.  Friday I get off work around 5 and hurry down to my truck, ready for that great drive home on Flash Friday.  I power up my two Pro-Comp off road lights, switch on my brights, crank up the radio, and hit the road, ready for a 15 minute drive full of laughs, the anticipation of a flash, and woman-bashing that only Tom Leykis can provide.  So I settle in, and reach down to crank up the radio to see whats going on during the 5 o’clock hour, when what do I hear?  Is that John Mayer being blasted across the 103.7 airwaves?  Surely I have accidentally tuned in to the wrong station.  I had listened to the Adam Carolla show all morning (see previous argument with adam), and then had some great laughs with Dave and Jeff during the 10-2 hours.  I reach down again to calibrate my stereo to hear the leykis show…but no, I’m definitely on 103.7.  What the Hell is going on?

As John Mayer runs through the halls of his high school I am going through every possible scenario in my head…has some rogue  broadcaster hijacked the FreeFm airwaves?  Is this a joke by Tom Leykis?  What is going on!

I quickly call Evan to see what the deal is.  The lack of Leykis is quickly affecting me, I am worried about missing out on all the flashing going on, scared that I won’t be informed of the latest hot spot where two smokin hotties just flashed every guy on the 5 north.

Evan answers, and confirms what I have been dreading.  Fear slowly creeping up my spine like…something that creeps up your spine.  FREEFM has been shut down.  Now in its place is SOPHIE radio.  WTF is this crap.  I wake up this morning to some easy listening junk.  Doing a little research I found the following information:

Hyper-targeted towards women 25-35, Sophie@103.7’s music includes many of today’s most popular artists, like John Mayer, The Killers, Maroon 5, Amy Winehouse and Snow Patrol, along with favorites from the recent past like U2, Dave Matthews Band and Green Day.

What kind of hippie crap is this!  TARGETED TOWARDS WOMEN!  WTF!   The new radio sophie website looks like it was designed by an entire crew of lesbians.  I can’t stand this.  I have found a temporary stop-gap at 97.1freefm where I can get my Leykis and Carolla, but instead of the hilarious Dave and Jeff local San Diego show I have to listen to this Frosty Heidi and Frank crap!  I’m going to start a petition to bring back our FreeFM.  Hell, even GenY radio was decent at night.  This is bullshit.  We have been wronged!

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