The Only Cool Thing(s) About Cats…

…are these two websites:

  1. Mr. Lee’s Crazy Cat Adventures! Some crazy German bastard has strapped a camera to his cat, Mr. Lee, and sent him out in search of adventure…and boy did he find it! I don’t know if this constitutes as animal abuse (I’m sure some of those god damn hippies from PETA would complain about it if it wasn’t in Germany). Read on as Mr. Lee encounters snakes, other cats, meets up with buddies under cars…I wonder if the Germans used this cat surveillance technology during WWII? Oh and apparently strapping electronic devices to your pussy is quite the rage in Germany – Someone has a live webcam attached to theirs! (Don’t worry, its SFW!)
  2. Cats That Look Like – This is totally awesome, thanks to Deuce that showed me this site quite a while back. Hilarious how many cats actually look like Hitler…is anyone detecting a wierd German theme here??? Its kind of creepy their wierd obsession with cats and a psychotic oppressive ruler who brainwashed an entire country. Oh well, Hitler would be proud to know that his memory lives on…in the form of animals with a strange likeness of him. God bless the internet!


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  • Its been a while since you posted this, but I discovered this link to my page only today. The link to the people who put a live cam at their cats collar is – your second link points to my catcam that only shows a new image every minute.

    Two more corrections: The “crazy german bastard” Jürgen lives in the USA (Anderson, SC), so Mr. Lee roams in an american suburb and the live webcam carrying cat Squeaky is filming a neighbourhood somewhere in Los Angeles.

    The only webcam and cats really located in germany are mine (thanks for linking, but I’m afraid that some people were a bit disappointed about the missing live coverage on my page).

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