Super Sweet Helicopter

UPDATE! This is apparently a fake, check the comments. says this belongs to the hungarian air force!  Thanks for pointing this out!

Check out what some of our boys overseas did to their helicopter.
Some Afghan is probably freaking out right about now.
This very special Mi-24 helicopter is presently flying in Afghanistan ,
where it is no doubt causing quite a stir.

God Bless the U.S.A.

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Bring Back FreeFM Petition!

Please go to and sign up to join the FREE FM Petition here There is a discussion going on over at the Tom Leykis forum about this as well so check it out. Also someone created Bring Back so head over there and show some support. I need my Leykis and Adam Carolla! I tried listening to Frosty, Heidi and Frank, and even Dave, Shelley and Chainsaw, but they all blow. I need Carolla! HELP!

In A Hand Basket…

…That’s how this world is getting to hell…

There have been many great injustices in the world as of late, and it worries me. I don’t know how safe I feel any more in a country where we let deranged drunk drivers out of prison 3 weeks after they were put there. We are depriving lost souls from their right to hear that truth being spoken to them through the airwaves.
Here are 2 things that have been really graveling my ass lately. (Yes, I’m going on a rant).

1) Paris Hilton: She got released today from prison. I’m blown away, SRSLY. Just because she has a ton of money and could suck the chrome off a bumper doesn’t mean she should be released. I’m tired of celebrities getting away with drunk driving, drugs, murder, or bad fashion. If I were to go out one night in tight black jeans, torn up bright green converse, some XL vintage band shirt and giant glasses and then get wasted and drive to my ex wife’s house and slit her and her boy friends throat I would get thrown in prison. The state of California would toss me in jail, and E! would get pissed off and offended by my last season’s fashion.

Let me be fair though. There are some celebs that actually do their time. Action super star Tom Sizemore, who stole the screen in such movies such as Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan, has been back behind bars since June 5th and was sentenced to 16 months in prison for ADMITTING to having broke parole. He didn’t kick or scream his way out of the court room; he sacked up and is doing his time.

2) My second issue with what’s going on is a serious one. As you saw by Ian’s heart wrenching and highly emotional post about Tom Leykis, San Diego is in great danger. San Diego’s Tom Leykis source has been cut off. With out Leykis in San Diego who will help to win the battle between sexes? Who will help to fuel the fires within the heart of every man to go out and slay trim? WHO? I dare you to show me one other who could lead us into the milky white fields of giant powder fresh titties, WHO I ASK?! I for one am fortunate enough to be north of the fall out and can still enjoy such thing as “Flash Friday”. But please, lets all join together in prayer for my brothers to the south who are lost in the dark with out Leykis and his sage like wisdom.

That’s basically it for now. I have a head that is still cloudy from last night’s events of drinking and doing karaoke so I’m not to sharp right now. So farewell for now.

-Casey “Deuce” Cress



This is bullshit.  Friday I get off work around 5 and hurry down to my truck, ready for that great drive home on Flash Friday.  I power up my two Pro-Comp off road lights, switch on my brights, crank up the radio, and hit the road, ready for a 15 minute drive full of laughs, the anticipation of a flash, and woman-bashing that only Tom Leykis can provide.  So I settle in, and reach down to crank up the radio to see whats going on during the 5 o’clock hour, when what do I hear?  Is that John Mayer being blasted across the 103.7 airwaves?  Surely I have accidentally tuned in to the wrong station.  I had listened to the Adam Carolla show all morning (see previous argument with adam), and then had some great laughs with Dave and Jeff during the 10-2 hours.  I reach down again to calibrate my stereo to hear the leykis show…but no, I’m definitely on 103.7.  What the Hell is going on?

As John Mayer runs through the halls of his high school I am going through every possible scenario in my head…has some rogue  broadcaster hijacked the FreeFm airwaves?  Is this a joke by Tom Leykis?  What is going on!

I quickly call Evan to see what the deal is.  The lack of Leykis is quickly affecting me, I am worried about missing out on all the flashing going on, scared that I won’t be informed of the latest hot spot where two smokin hotties just flashed every guy on the 5 north.

Evan answers, and confirms what I have been dreading.  Fear slowly creeping up my spine like…something that creeps up your spine.  FREEFM has been shut down.  Now in its place is SOPHIE radio.  WTF is this crap.  I wake up this morning to some easy listening junk.  Doing a little research I found the following information:

Hyper-targeted towards women 25-35, Sophie@103.7’s music includes many of today’s most popular artists, like John Mayer, The Killers, Maroon 5, Amy Winehouse and Snow Patrol, along with favorites from the recent past like U2, Dave Matthews Band and Green Day.

What kind of hippie crap is this!  TARGETED TOWARDS WOMEN!  WTF!   The new radio sophie website looks like it was designed by an entire crew of lesbians.  I can’t stand this.  I have found a temporary stop-gap at 97.1freefm where I can get my Leykis and Carolla, but instead of the hilarious Dave and Jeff local San Diego show I have to listen to this Frosty Heidi and Frank crap!  I’m going to start a petition to bring back our FreeFM.  Hell, even GenY radio was decent at night.  This is bullshit.  We have been wronged!

I Hate Cats, But This Is Hilarious!

  So normally I am completely opposed to anything have to do with cats, save for my previous post about the cat cam and cats that look like hitler, and and the ever hilarious bonsai kitten.  However, these pictures that my good friend Dianne sent me are god damn hilarious.  So, if you like cats, or hate them and enjoy seeing pictures of them being forced to do cute shit, you should love these either way! (Pictures continue after the break)



Defending the Aceman

Had an interesting conversation with Wild Will this morning, and realized he has turned his back on the comedy we grew up on.  He has publicly and completely denounced the Adam Carolla show, and therefore represents hatred for Loveline and the Man Show!  I can’t believe the things he says…things sure have changed in the 909:

 [08:46] BetterOffAloneSB: are you listening to adam carolla show
[08:47] DurtySanchezzzzz: No.. I don’t have speakers at my desk
[08:48] BetterOffAloneSB: oh man
[08:48] BetterOffAloneSB: hilarious
[08:51] DurtySanchezzzzz: I don’t really like his show that much.. It hasn’t been too funny
[08:52] BetterOffAloneSB: are you serious? I listen every day its the god damn funniest thing ever invented
[08:53] DurtySanchezzzzz: That show sucks compared to kevin and bean. Or the fronty hiedi and frank show
[08:53] BetterOffAloneSB: fuck no
[08:53] BetterOffAloneSB: its the best show ever
[08:53] DurtySanchezzzzz: All he does is bitch
[08:53] DurtySanchezzzzz: He’s a whiney little girl
[08:53] DurtySanchezzzzz: He was good on loveline, but then his career ended
[08:55] BetterOffAloneSB: no way!
[08:55] BetterOffAloneSB: Man Show!
[08:55] BetterOffAloneSB: are you kidding me
[08:55] DurtySanchezzzzz: Ya but he was still on loveline when he did that
[08:55] BetterOffAloneSB: plus his morning show w/ danny bonaduce and teresa strasser is the best combo ever
[08:55] DurtySanchezzzzz: That’s a given
[08:55] BetterOffAloneSB: man you have changed
[08:56] DurtySanchezzzzz: Teresa is the only funny one!
[08:56] BetterOffAloneSB: wtf!
[08:56] BetterOffAloneSB: you asshole
[08:56] BetterOffAloneSB: Danny is Hilarious, and no one is funnier than adam carolla
[08:56] BetterOffAloneSB: you are disgracing the 909 with these words
[08:57] DurtySanchezzzzz: Please… Adam has never liked the 909, and I choose to not support him either
[08:57] BetterOffAloneSB: are you serious!
[08:57] BetterOffAloneSB: Kevin and Bean have never liked the 909\
[08:57] BetterOffAloneSB: “Valley of the Dirt People”
[08:57] BetterOffAloneSB: give me a fuckin break
[08:59] DurtySanchezzzzz: I sence I true hate for the 909 from adam carolla, but I feel as if kevin and bean are joking in fun. At least they made a song about us. More than adam has even done
[08:59] BetterOffAloneSB: Adam has done so much more!  Provided the 909 with the gift of laughter, instead of ridicule like K&B
[09:00] DurtySanchezzzzz: I have yet to receive this gift
[09:00] BetterOffAloneSB: you are killing me
[09:00] BetterOffAloneSB: think of your roots
[09:02] DurtySanchezzzzz: FHF will always be better than that chump carolla
[09:03] BetterOffAloneSB: Adam Carolla is a mans man, he tells it like it is and represents men everywhere
[09:03] BetterOffAloneSB: FHF is a crew of idiots who happen to have a microphone in front of them
[09:04] DurtySanchezzzzz: Hahaha
[09:07] DurtySanchezzzzz: Adam carolla is lucky to get a laugh. A mans man? The guys bitches about everything, if I wanted to hear someone complain I would be a therapist
[09:07] DurtySanchezzzzz: And I sure as hell am not getting paid to hear his aweful voice
[09:08] BetterOffAloneSB: you are pathetic, you just got your 909 card revoked
[09:08] BetterOffAloneSB: everything Carolla says is hilarious, all of his rants are because he is hitting serious issues and dealing with them
[09:08] DurtySanchezzzzz: I’m the one who still lives in this shithole
[09:09] DurtySanchezzzzz: When did his hate for cheese or other random house hold products become a serious issue? He’s a joke!
[09:11] BetterOffAloneSB: what about his rant today about freeway signs with tagging on them and barbed wire around the bottom and how it makes people in LA feel like they are in a prison
[09:11] BetterOffAloneSB: or him having Deaf Frat Guy on his show to give us tips on strip club etiquitte
[09:12] DurtySanchezzzzz: That guy is a retard, I thought the key to people talking on the radio was to be able to understand them?
[09:13] DurtySanchezzzzz: I don’t need some deaf douchebag to tell me how to get a lap dance
[09:13] BetterOffAloneSB: yeah, you can understand him…the point is that he is a deaf frat guy who can barely talk, but he still gives us tips on how to hit up old chicks at the cougar bars
[09:13] BetterOffAloneSB: he is always on a cougar hunt
[09:14] DurtySanchezzzzz: Taking advice about hitting on cougs now? Ian ian ian, you are better than this
[09:14] BetterOffAloneSB: you kidding me?  I pull cougs like I was born to do it
[09:14] BetterOffAloneSB: theres all these cougar bars downtown and I cruise through and pull in old ladies like nothin
[09:15] BetterOffAloneSB: all thanks to DFG
[09:16] BetterOffAloneSB: man…you really have changed will
[09:16] BetterOffAloneSB: at the core of your being, you are a different man now
[09:16] BetterOffAloneSB: its like…hilarious shit isn’t funny to you anymore
[09:17] DurtySanchezzzzz: I think its quite the opposite… He has brainwashed your weak mind. He just jabbers on about the most retarded shit until you actually think its cool
[09:18] BetterOffAloneSB: you uppity bastard
[09:18] BetterOffAloneSB: newsflash – THATS ALL WE THINK IS FUNNY
[09:18] BetterOffAloneSB: all we ever talk about is retarded shit and think its cool…in fact, we are doing it now
[09:20] DurtySanchezzzzz: And we know we are fucking around. This is all adam can talk about. He’s like a 5 year old with a big boy radio set up in his garage
[09:20] BetterOffAloneSB: oh man…those are fighting words
[09:20] BetterOffAloneSB: you can tape a microphoen to a monkeys ass and record a better show than FHF
[09:20] BetterOffAloneSB: Carolla is genius
[09:21] DurtySanchezzzzz: I didn’t know you could broadcast from “my first radio kit”
[09:22] BetterOffAloneSB: i didnt know you could laugh at somethign that isnt funny
[09:22] BetterOffAloneSB: man wait till i tell the trinity about this
[09:22] DurtySanchezzzzz: The truth is, the man couldn’t talk his way out of a ticket let alone host a talk radio show
[09:23] BetterOffAloneSB: erroneous!
[09:23] BetterOffAloneSB: man u like totally turned your back on the Aceman and Dr. Drew
[09:24] BetterOffAloneSB: next thing youll probably be saying you hate Leykis
[09:25] DurtySanchezzzzz: Dr. Drew can actually have a conversation with someone, adam just sat there and added his no laugh comments in
[09:25] BetterOffAloneSB: wtf
[09:25] DurtySanchezzzzz: Don’t you ever say that
[09:26] DurtySanchezzzzz: I introduced you to leykis
[09:26] BetterOffAloneSB: no way, Carolla shoots in hilarious comments everytime he speaks.  And, yeah, I said it – you hate leykis too
[09:26] DurtySanchezzzzz: When you think about it I made you the man you are today
[09:26] DurtySanchezzzzz: You should be thanking me
[09:28] BetterOffAloneSB: thank you for what, you turned your back on radio comedy as we know it
[09:29] DurtySanchezzzzz: If you can call adam comedy… I didn’t know they had a demographic based on k – 6th grade
[09:29] BetterOffAloneSB: I don’t know you anymore