Wow! Traffic up over 2,300 Unique Visits Yesterday!
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Wow! Traffic up over 2,300 Unique Visits Yesterday!

Wow! Traffic up over 2,300 Unique Visits Yesterday!

cimg0107.JPGHi all, I’ve been really busy this weekend as I just had my College graduation ceremony…

Checked my analytics account and saw a huge increase in traffic. Roughly 700-900 unique visits per day last week, peaking at 2,360 yesterday alone! Wow! I really appreciate all the traffic, hopefully people think that some of the things I post on here are interesting. I was thinking about if I could sustain traffic on here if I would attempt to make any money through advertising…and I really don’t think so. I don’t want to clutter up the site with advertisements, or include them in posts, I just think it looks tacky. My goal has never been to make money off of this website, It was just a fun project to post to and get some things off my mind. I work full time and have a career outside of this, and don’t really need any extra income from it.

Just some thoughts, don’t expect to see any more ads other than the few down on the right side (I may even take these off, they were my first try at an Amazon associates account and Google Adwords…I think I’ve made a total of $2 off of them combined)

Anyway, I’m working on a more interesting post that will be up soon…thanks for all the traffic and please leave me some comments if you feel so inclined…let me know what you like and hate!



This is my blog. I started it back in 2006 when I was finishing my undergrad at SDSU, kept going as I started my career and completed my MBA, and what do you know I'm still updating over 10 years later... It contains a little bit of everything about me - I'm an opinionated asshole sometimes, definitely a nerd, a gamer, a husband, a manager for a consulting company, a DJ and a musician, a grease monkey and a motorcycle rider...and a whole bunch of other things that probably are too offensive to mention. This blog has a lot of stuff I find funny, a little I find serious, and tons of information about my various and plentiful hobbies. I hope you find something here that's interesting to you. I'd love to hear from you, so feel free to comment or contact me! Thanks for stopping by!

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