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Moving On…The issue has been moved to www.sdsYOU.com

I dont want to deal with the Mini Dorm controversy on here, I would rather get back to blogging. It has already kept me from posting the past couple of days as I have been dealing with fallout from my response. Hopefully it will be featured in the Daily Aztec and maybe even Union Tribune again. I may be speaking at a AS meeting on campus about it too. I redesigned sdsYOU.com to deal with the issue, please check it out and support me if you are interested.

On to bigger, better, and more fun news, I just picked up 2 Jet Skis and a trailer. Got a hell of a deal for them on Craigslist, from the original owner. 1987 SX 650’s, in spotless condition. Evan and I got them both running already, and are going out saturday for a ride. Should provide some fun this summer, check it out:



This is my blog. I started it back in 2006 when I was finishing my undergrad at SDSU, kept going as I started my career and completed my MBA, and what do you know I'm still updating over 10 years later... It contains a little bit of everything about me - I'm an opinionated asshole sometimes, definitely a nerd, a gamer, a husband, a manager for a consulting company, a DJ and a musician, a grease monkey and a motorcycle rider...and a whole bunch of other things that probably are too offensive to mention. This blog has a lot of stuff I find funny, a little I find serious, and tons of information about my various and plentiful hobbies. I hope you find something here that's interesting to you. I'd love to hear from you, so feel free to comment or contact me! Thanks for stopping by!

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