Awesome! Miniaturize Anything in Photoshop!

Finally having some free time being the holidays and that im done with school, I have the freedom to mess around with all the stuff I have been meaning to do. I saw this article on digg about a tutorial to miniaturize pictures in photoshop, and tested it out. What do you think of the results. Its really easy to do this yourself, it took 5 minutes and looks pretty legit!


Little Feet Helps Ad Readability

Serif=good. Sans Serif=bad.Every newspaper and magazine as well as most books are printed in Serif font. They use it to help their readers’ eyes connect with letters on a page. Serif fonts have letters with little feet that helps the eye literally finish seeing the letter. Your job is to give your ad every chance of being read and being acted on. Always insist on serif type for all your ads.

p.s. Send Six Apart an e-mail asking for serif font on our blogs!