Out for the Count but back in Full Effect!

Sorry about the temporary lapse in posting…School and work have been insane lately…that is, if anyone is even reading this.  If not, then who am I apologizing to?  Oh well.  On to the news:

I came across this site when looking for a keyboard cover for my new laptop. I found one on ebay for my old HP laptop, so I figured they made one for the 17″ widescreen…unfortunatley not.  I did happen to come across one on Made-In-China.com.  Just judging by the domain name alone the quality is already in question.  However, it wasn’t just that that had me doubting about the product.  Read through the description and you will see that it is

Prevent dust, cigarette ash, biscuit bits from falling into the keyboard, extend the life-span of the keyboard.”


I can’t tell you how much trouble I have been having lately with those damn biscuit bits falling onto my keyboard.  And I just can not kick the habit of using my $2000 laptop as an ashtray.  A fine layer of cigarette ash over my keyboard really helps the fingers just slide over the keys, increasing productivity exponentially when working on that final essay.

When it’s dirty, you can wash with water. You may have a brand-new and sanitary keyboard. “

The neatest feature of this cover is that washing it with water makes it sanitary!  I can eat off this thing, or even perform surgery on it without risk of infection.

All jokes aside, i think i will order one.  Back to IDS 406 for a presentation of the Data Flow Diagrams I have been working on all semester for my Case Study!  Check out the link to the new blog over at eBoost Marketing, there is some seriously innovative thinking going on over there!


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