Welcome to Tech & Tonic.com
Welcome to Tech & Tonic.com

Welcome to Tech & Tonic.com

Thanks for visiting! This site is an attempt to shed some insight into a few young professional adult’s views of the current state of Technology, and being graduating college students…some interesting diversions along the way. My intentions are to make a this a community project, with relevant contributions from like minded friends. Being college student’s with success in mind and using technology and knowledge as a stepping stone to achieve it, we have been told that we hold the keys to the future of the industry. This blog is intended to find out just what kind of lock our keys will open. Personally, I’m beginning my job search and starting my future career, and maybe writing about the process will help me along the way. With that being said, enjoy the site, contribute if you are interested, and wish us luck!


This is my blog. I started it back in 2006 when I was finishing my undergrad at SDSU, kept going as I started my career and completed my MBA, and what do you know I'm still updating over 10 years later... It contains a little bit of everything about me - I'm an opinionated asshole sometimes, definitely a nerd, a gamer, a husband, a manager for a consulting company, a DJ and a musician, a grease monkey and a motorcycle rider...and a whole bunch of other things that probably are too offensive to mention. This blog has a lot of stuff I find funny, a little I find serious, and tons of information about my various and plentiful hobbies. I hope you find something here that's interesting to you. I'd love to hear from you, so feel free to comment or contact me! Thanks for stopping by!

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