Uncle Joe’s Ford Song (1959)

This recording comes from a family get together when my dad was a kid.  His Uncle Joe and Aunt Blanche were always making music, with him singing and her playing the piano.  When my grandfather Warren Grist passed away in December 2015, my Uncle Tom found a bunch of old family recordings from when they were kids, and this was one of them.

Uncle Joe was apparently a big Ford fan, and wrote this song about his Model T:

And here’s a copy of the original lyrics of his song.  A slightly different version than the one we have recorded, but pretty similar.

Original Ford Song Lyrics

Riding the 3rd Wave in the late 90’s

In the mid to late 90’s, nothing was cooler than the tidal (3rd) wave of ska that hit Southern California and Orange County in particular.  Although we grew up outside of OC, really on the border of LA and San Bernardino counties, we got super into Ska.  From Reel Big Fish, Mighty Mighty Bosstones to more local bands like our absolute favorite JEFFRIES FAN CLUB, we wanted to skank…hard.

Mainly due to the influence of the roodest dood we knew, Eric Mulligan, and younger brother Jason Mulligan, we put together our first band in Junior High school – MO57.  Formed through our church (First Presbyterian Church of Upland) at the time, and being “RANDOM!” young teens, we named the band after a sign that hung up in the choir room in the church basement that we were allowed to use to practice which said “Maximum Occupancy 57”.  Thus, MO57 was born.  We played a lot at local church services and covered a lot of worship songs in a skankin’ way.  

MO57 Playing live!

When we finally scraped together $500 to record a 5 song demo special at a small local studio advertised in the pennysaver, we thought it was the absolute coolest thing ever.  I remember my dad even springing for the extra $40 bucks to get the original recordings on a DAT master tape for future editing.

The song “OH” was even featured on a Christian Ska Compilation CD.

The Demo!

Our second band that followed up MO57 was a ska-punk band called THE KUNG FOOLS.  We also recorded a demo that we were extremely proud of:

And of course, like any 1990’s band, we had a high tech HTML and Frames driven website, courtesy of budding graphic and web designer (AND FUTURE EDITOR OF STREET TRUCKS MAGAZINE), Jason Mulligan, ERMAGERD!


Some Awesome B-17 Artwork

If you followed my office redesign last year and saw the panel I made to hang on the wall of WW2 nose art:

Or seen the RC B-17 build that I detailed here:


Then you know that the B-17 Flying Fortress is my absolute favorite plane ever!  I’m big on WW2 history, and love the B-17 specifically.  So I was super excited when I found these awesome prints of detailed blown-out schematics of the B-17.  When I replace the star wars tryptic canvas art I have on the wall, I will be replacing them with these pieces that I found on the Lnyx Art website:

or one day if I can save up enough, the $900 aluminum panel!:

  • https://lynxartcollection.com/collections/military-exploded-views-artwork/products/b-17-exploded-view-metal-panel-limited-to-20

Let me know what you think about these awesome pieces. They have some other plane options as well!